Portsmouth Employee’s and the First Amendment

Welcome to the first real post of the new Portsmouthvapolice.com blog. Today a fitting story for this occasion.

The National Labor Relations Board sued American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc. for terminating an employee for comments posted on Facebook that were negative about her supervisor. They settled without going to court but the settlement and the view put forth by the National Labor Relations Board puts employers on notice that citizens of the United States still have First Amendment rights and that employers will be held accountable if they discipline an employee exercising their Constitutional Rights.

Given the current Police Department policy of disciplining employees if they speak ill of their co-workers or the management of the Portsmouth Police Department this should put Portsmouth on notice. This is a very welcome indication that the Federal Government will have none of these free speech restrictions placed on an employee that are not at work or on the job when they exercise their right to free speech..

You can read the full story at the First Amendment Center News

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