Portsmouth Police Department an Arms Supplier to criminals?

I have it on good authority that a supervisor in the Portsmouth Police Department was selling weapons built from parts he/she obtained from the Portsmouth Police Department.  Although this would encompass a number of civil and criminal violations including I suspect Federal arms violations it appears no one is going to be prosecuted and the culprit allowed to retire.

It appears the person got caught when one of his customers (perhaps a criminal) made a complaint to the Portsmouth Police Department about being “ripped” off by the person when he sold a faulty weapon.

I know that the Commonwealth Attorney Earle Mobley would never prosecute because he doesn’t want to do anything that might have political ramifications and might make him seem like a bad guy in the eyes of the City of Portsmouth Management. Doesn’t matter that’s his job and that Police Officers are not above the law (except in Portsmouth).

Same deal as when the Commonwealth Attorney Earle Mobley made all the charges go away against three city social workers and the victim’s daughter for leaving an incapacitated adult laying in his own urine and feces for two days (more on that incident in great deal in the future including some audio recordings of some of those involved in this travesty).

I also have a couple more “Truth or Lie” posts in the works, another involving Chief Edward Hargis and also one involving the former Commander of the Portsmouth Police Internal Affairs/Professional Standards Division Larry Jacobs.

I hear that the troops that do all the work in Portsmouth have hit a new low in morale. It’s no wonder with all the corruption in the management of the Portsmouth Police Department. When honest Police Officers try and do the “right thing” and follow the law especially when the offenders are employee’s of the City of Portsmouth they are made the villains by the Management of the Portsmouth Police Department and are forced out or fired.

Much more to come, I am very busy with new endeavors but I promise their is plenty more to be posted.



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Truth or Lie, you the reader decide ! (Part 2)

So here is another example of why citizens of Portsmouth should be concerned that their government is acting ethically, morally and follows the law. If City Management and City Police Officers lie in public and to the public they can not be looking out for the citizens they serve nor can they be trusted to “do the right thing”.

Did Mr. Chandler apply for the job in Texas? If you look at the documents that were released by the City of Plano you will see that Mr. Chandler’s resume speaks in first person. Which has also been previously pointed out in the media. Click here to see the January 29th, 2011 Virginia Pilot Online Article.

Chandler Resume is First Person

Chandler speaks in First Person in his resume.

The second clue is that his resume is up to date, you will note it lists his current position as “City Manager (current)”.

First Page of Chandler's Plano Resume showing current position with Portsmouth

First Page of Chandler's Plano Resume Note the "City Manager (current)"

Mr. Chandler is quoted by the Virginia Pilot as saying “he didn’t know he was even being considered for.” “the job”. I find that hard to believe. Below is a section of the Plano City Manager recruiting web page from the affionpublic.com web site;

Section from the Affion Website for the Plano City Manager Recruitment

Section from the Affion Website for the Plano City Manager Recruitment

So the big question is how did Mr. Chandler’s resume get emailed to Affion?

Portsmouth deserves better from it’s Public Servants. Honesty and doing the right thing appear to mean nothing to people in the management of the City of Portsmouth and the Portsmouth Police Department. They are more interested in looking out for themselves or finding Margareta mixers at Police Conferences as the Portsmouth City Attorney Mr. Tim Oksman did when a Police Lieutenant ask via email if anyone needed anything from a Police Conference. Perhaps people find these incidents amusing but they have no place involving the management of the City of Portsmouth or the Portsmouth Police Department. At the least they are inappropriate but it reflects poorly on the City of Portsmouth.

Email sent by City of Portsmouth City Attorney Tim Oksman asking Police Lieutenant to see if they "have any good fronzen margarita mixers" at a Police Conference.

Portsmouth City Attorney Tim Oksman asking about margarita mixers.

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Truth or Lie, you the reader decide ! (Part 1)

As a police officer a person must be honest and have integrity above reproach. A number of times I have found that to not be the case with officers that are in the senior ranks of the Portsmouth Police Department.

The video below documents one of those instances. I had sent an email via the chain of command requesting a meeting with the Portsmouth Chief of Police Edward Hargis. I sent it in mid-July 2009 and as you can see from the email below Captain Sean Dunn stated he had “mentioned” my request to Chief Hargis. Imagine my surprise 6 months later when I asked Chief Hargis (who is under oath) whether he was aware of my request to see him and he said he was not aware of the request. Someone lied, I am not going to say who I believe is the liar but am going to allow you the reader to decide.

As far as I am concerned a person has no business being a police officer if they have honesty/integrity issues because they must testify in court and their can be NOT DOUBT that they are truthful and honest. Whoever lied has disgraced themselves and their position, they have no business being a police officer. Given the number of rank and file police officers that have been disciplined for being dishonest (or failing to reveal certain details when questioned) it appears that they are held to a different standard then management. As far as I know no one was disciplined for what can only be seen as a lie in this circumstance. Double Standards are unacceptable and perhaps that’s one of the reasons that the rank and file officers of the Portsmouth Police Department are so demoralized.

Below is the email and the video excerpt. On the right side of the video you can see Captain Dunn in the white shirt and at the center is Chief Hargis.

Email by Capt Dunn stating he had "mentioned" the request to Chief Hargis

Capt Dunn's Email

So who lied? Someone did and that is unacceptable as the public deserves Police Officers that are honest and have integrity. One of these officers doesn’t …

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Latest Public Policy Change involving First Amendment and Social Media Sites

Maryland’s Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services has suspended the practice of requiring user names and password for Social Media sites from prospective employees and current employees undergoing recertification.

To read the full article from the Washington Post Click Here

COMING SOON new post with video and testimony under oath .. “Truth or Lie .. You the reader decide !” This involves what appears to me as dishonesty at the upper ranks of the Portsmouth Police Department. I will let the readers decide if what occurred appeared to them as dishonest statements by Portsmouth Police Management.  Stay tuned !

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Portsmouth Employee’s and the First Amendment

Welcome to the first real post of the new Portsmouthvapolice.com blog. Today a fitting story for this occasion.

The National Labor Relations Board sued American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc. for terminating an employee for comments posted on Facebook that were negative about her supervisor. They settled without going to court but the settlement and the view put forth by the National Labor Relations Board puts employers on notice that citizens of the United States still have First Amendment rights and that employers will be held accountable if they discipline an employee exercising their Constitutional Rights.

Given the current Police Department policy of disciplining employees if they speak ill of their co-workers or the management of the Portsmouth Police Department this should put Portsmouth on notice. This is a very welcome indication that the Federal Government will have none of these free speech restrictions placed on an employee that are not at work or on the job when they exercise their right to free speech..

You can read the full story at the First Amendment Center News

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Hello world!


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