Truth or Lie, you the reader decide ! (Part 1)

As a police officer a person must be honest and have integrity above reproach. A number of times I have found that to not be the case with officers that are in the senior ranks of the Portsmouth Police Department.

The video below documents one of those instances. I had sent an email via the chain of command requesting a meeting with the Portsmouth Chief of Police Edward Hargis. I sent it in mid-July 2009 and as you can see from the email below Captain Sean Dunn stated he had “mentioned” my request to Chief Hargis. Imagine my surprise 6 months later when I asked Chief Hargis (who is under oath) whether he was aware of my request to see him and he said he was not aware of the request. Someone lied, I am not going to say who I believe is the liar but am going to allow you the reader to decide.

As far as I am concerned a person has no business being a police officer if they have honesty/integrity issues because they must testify in court and their can be NOT DOUBT that they are truthful and honest. Whoever lied has disgraced themselves and their position, they have no business being a police officer. Given the number of rank and file police officers that have been disciplined for being dishonest (or failing to reveal certain details when questioned) it appears that they are held to a different standard then management. As far as I know no one was disciplined for what can only be seen as a lie in this circumstance. Double Standards are unacceptable and perhaps that’s one of the reasons that the rank and file officers of the Portsmouth Police Department are so demoralized.

Below is the email and the video excerpt. On the right side of the video you can see Captain Dunn in the white shirt and at the center is Chief Hargis.

Email by Capt Dunn stating he had "mentioned" the request to Chief Hargis

Capt Dunn's Email

So who lied? Someone did and that is unacceptable as the public deserves Police Officers that are honest and have integrity. One of these officers doesn’t …

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