Portsmouth Police Department an Arms Supplier to criminals?

I have it on good authority that a supervisor in the Portsmouth Police Department was selling weapons built from parts he/she obtained from the Portsmouth Police Department.  Although this would encompass a number of civil and criminal violations including I suspect Federal arms violations it appears no one is going to be prosecuted and the culprit allowed to retire.

It appears the person got caught when one of his customers (perhaps a criminal) made a complaint to the Portsmouth Police Department about being “ripped” off by the person when he sold a faulty weapon.

I know that the Commonwealth Attorney Earle Mobley would never prosecute because he doesn’t want to do anything that might have political ramifications and might make him seem like a bad guy in the eyes of the City of Portsmouth Management. Doesn’t matter that’s his job and that Police Officers are not above the law (except in Portsmouth).

Same deal as when the Commonwealth Attorney Earle Mobley made all the charges go away against three city social workers and the victim’s daughter for leaving an incapacitated adult laying in his own urine and feces for two days (more on that incident in great deal in the future including some audio recordings of some of those involved in this travesty).

I also have a couple more “Truth or Lie” posts in the works, another involving Chief Edward Hargis and also one involving the former Commander of the Portsmouth Police Internal Affairs/Professional Standards Division Larry Jacobs.

I hear that the troops that do all the work in Portsmouth have hit a new low in morale. It’s no wonder with all the corruption in the management of the Portsmouth Police Department. When honest Police Officers try and do the “right thing” and follow the law especially when the offenders are employee’s of the City of Portsmouth they are made the villains by the Management of the Portsmouth Police Department and are forced out or fired.

Much more to come, I am very busy with new endeavors but I promise their is plenty more to be posted.



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